FIRST ROBOTICS COMPETITION is for students grade 8-12. This program gives students the opportunity to experience all of the amazing aspects of robotics from welding, to fabrication, and computer programming. Like the real world, our budding engineers, machinists and designers also need supports that help with marketing, and promotion of the team. There is a spot for everyone. Our goal is to nourish and enrich our students interest in robotics through production, management, and competitions. During the course of a season, students will develop additional skills and trades such as public speaking, and teamwork.

This year the game is “INFINITE RECHARGE” it is a game played with 6 Robots, 3 on each team. The Teams try to score “points” by:

  • Shooting Fuel-Cells into Targets
  • Spinning the Control Panel to the right orientation
  • Switching the Shield generator control lever

The team is very excited for this year’s game, and are ready for any challenge that comes their way!