Cybergnomes are Back!!

New game, new robot and new innovations. While the pandemic put a halt on any in person events the last couple years this season live events made a comeback and with them came the Cybergnomes. Team 2013 may have been small this season but they were also mighty, starting strong with their kick off and staying strong through their next three competitions. Not only did the team make it to provincials they also placed second in their district event and won two imagery awards! Overall, it was a great a great way to pick things up again after the pandemic and only more great things can be expected in the years to come.

Cybergnomes in the 2020-2021 Season

The Cybergnomes 2020-21 season has been full of the unexpected, both good and challenging. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the Cybergnomes have not met in person, but that didn’t stop us from participating. We had very productive weekly online meetings developing a game design to pitch to the judges
Earlier this year, we worked hard on completing the 2021 FIRST Robotics Game Design Challenge, where we created a hockey-themed robotics game called “Bot Shot”. Using the standard field size and game length, we prepared our presentation. We set the game’s rules, gameplays, and designed a field as well as field elements.
Galen, Tristian, and Hongyue used CAD to design and create visual representations of the field and field elements, designing a hockey goal that would allow a human player to block shots by moving covers over the entry points for the goal. They also designed a “Zamboni” that was used during the end game that the robots would pull but it got heavier as they moved it along the field. Sarah and Jasmine put together a formal game manual. With all the rules and how the game would unfold. We presented the game to a panel of FIRST Robotics judges for the chance for it to be used as a blueprint for a future game at a FIRST Robotics competition.
Although we were unable to compete in the at-home challenges because we were unable to work on our robot, we were able to show the design to judges. Galen prepared a flyer about our 2020 robot and Hongyue made a formal presentation of  the Cybergnomes’s 2020 robot to FIRST judges for another 2021 FIRST Robotics Challenge.
This year’s participation has been a place marker for next year when we anticipate that we will be able to meet in person and design a new robot for the 2022 challenge “Rapid React”.

Left: Zamboni, Top Right: Puck dispenser, Bottom Right: Goal

Robotics Kickoff

January 6 2020

Cybergnomes Go to Clearview Council Chambers to Watch the FRC Robotics kickoff!

It was an exciting day for the Cybergnomes Robotics team, as FRC announced the game that they will be competing in this year,

FRC Robotics announced the Game

“INFINITE RECHARGE” is a game played with 6 Robots, 3 on each team. The Teams try to score “points” by:

  • Shooting Fuel-Cells into Targets
  • Spinning the Control Panel to the right orientation
  • Switching the Shield generator control lever

The robotics team is very excited for this year’s game, and are ready for any challenge that comes their way!

Cybergnomes 2018-2019 season

Like any other year we started with a kick off and went straight into our six week build season. For this years competition we decided to try something new and make a swerve drive for the robot which proved useful in this year’s game. During this year’s competition season we went to three events, the first being the Georgian College district event where we won the “Judge’s award”, the second being a regional in Peoria Illinois and the third and final one was in North Bay. The season had its ups and downs, and even though we didn’t make it as far as we would have liked we still continued to reach new heights and expand our horizons.